Architectural Concept

Located on Eskişehir Road, one of Ankara’s most important arteries, Viagreen is a project that aims to be different with general mass decisions, location and spatial designs.

The project stands out with its concave shape and face turned to METU forest in order to provide a calm and peaceful environment that escapes from the boulevard for its workers. With this beneficial concave structure, Viagreen creates a public space for its workers who can have a chance to work in a calm and peaceful setting in the middle of the urban life.

With the spaces between two blocks and various hollow points in the façades of the buildings; Viagreen provides open areas to access fresh air and green surroundings.

The galleries in the buildings creates a spacious place to work at which offers a structure that can meet all the needs of its workers with its modular locale organizing.

Gökhan AKSOY - Architect