Viagreen – LEED
LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a prestigious green building certificate given by US Green Building Council (USGBC) to buildings that are designed to allow environment-friendly applications. Viagreen is an official candidate for LEED certificate.

Maximum Energy Efficiency
Viagreen is designed to offer maximum energy efficiency with its lighting, mechanical systems and other aspects. Viagreen aims at least 40% more energy saving compared to similarly designed buildings.

Reducing Our Water Footprint
We are planning 50% of water saving with the usage of rain water collecting systems for irrigation and water saving armatures.

Large Green Spaces
The flat gardens, green terraces and large spaces for gardens; Viagreen creates an oxygen source in the middle of the city and increases bio-diversity for Ankara.

Human Health Focused Design
Viagreen’s openable windows and increased fresh air reduces the ‘plaza effect’ on its workers to minimum. The mechanical systems of the buildings are designed to create thermal comfort all year long. Also, the paint and structural chemicals of the buildings are chosen from the harmless options. The workers will be happy to be a part of an environment with fresh air, clean surroundings and lots of daylight.

Lower Carbon Emission with the Central Location
Location of Viagreen helps you to lower your carbon emission with its central point and closeness to main roads. It is at walking distance to many public transportation stops which access without usage of personal vehicles.

With the market place in the building, daily needs (dining, pharmacy, dry cleaning etc.) can be met without driving. Therefor, Viagreen workers can meet their needs without causing air pollution.

Environmentalist Construction Materials
Construction materials of Viagreen are recycled as much as possible, brought from the closer points via environment-aware companies and made sure to not include harmful components for human health and the atmosphere.