Architectural Concept

The lifestyle of our day requires individuals to spend the majority of their days at offices, which means closed spaces. Separation from nature as a result of busy work life and stress of the city life leads to physical and psychological problems; therefore affects productivity and efficiency of people.

Since the increased pressure on natural resources and sustainability concepts became a part of our lives, we are in need of a new approach to increasing the life quality of individuals in design. The focus point of Viagreen Office project, as a green building, is to integrate the open green spaces that will enrich the life quality of individuals into business areas. In this context, with ‘Nature is close to your office’ slogan; flat gardens, green walls and green parking areas made a part of the landscaping process.

The materials and plants are chosen carefully according to the climate, suitability, aestethic and functionality. The majority of building materials are natural products. During the choosing of plant species, important environmental parameters have been considered such as adaptation to Ankara’s climate conditions and low water consumption.